Continued support for Woking Mind and Shifa

Woking Mind and Catalyst are pleased to announce that as of Monday 1st August 2022, the transfer of staff and services into Catalyst was completed with minimal disruption to clients. Catalyst will be delivering Woking Mind client services (except counselling and mindfulness), which will include peer support groups, drop-in support and Shifa (Asian Women’s support). These services will continue to run in the same location by the same staff, with 6 members of Woking Mind moving across to Catalyst.

In the future, Shifa activities will have a different timetable from Catalyst Community Connections and Woking Mind activities, which will both be published on the Activity Timetable page of the Catalyst website. Woking Mind and Catalyst will continue collaborating throughout the month of August to assist the transition for employees and clients.

Drop-in sessions at the Courtenay Road offices, a variety of anxiety and depression support groups, and a well-established Walking for Health programme based in Woking and Runnymede are among the Woking Mind services moving to Catalyst.

Shifa services have been part of Woking Mind since the middle of 2020, and we are pleased that Shifa services will continue to develop as a specialist service within Catalyst. Shifa provides dedicated services for primarily South Asian women in Surrey. Shifa’s purpose is to empower and support women with mental health challenges, in a culturally sensitive way. They engage with vulnerable women, many of whom have unique mental health needs and/or are immigrants suffering from domestic abuse, anxiety, and depression.

Shifa’s services are available in Maybury and Sheerwater (Woking), Camberley (Surrey Heath) and remotely (online and telephone). They use a combination of education, exercise, and community spaces to empower individuals. This includes self-awareness and healthy living workshops, physical exercise, skills to support their families and organised community visits to improve confidence. For more information about Shifa, please visit the Shifa website at:

The Woking Mind website and social media accounts were closed down as of Monday, 1st August 2022. Shifa’s website and social media platforms have been moved to Catalyst and will function normally going forward.

For more information about services going forward, please call 01483 590150 or you can subscribe to the Catalyst newsletter by visiting:

To register for groups and activities, please use the contact details below:

Tel: 01276 409 415

Text: 07919 541 524


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