Positive news for the continuation of local mental health support services

Woking Mind and Catalyst signal good news for the continuation of Woking Mind’s mental health support services.

Woking Mind and Catalyst have been in active conversations, following announcement of Woking Mind’s closure at the end of August 2022. Final details are to be confirmed but the intention is that Catalyst will take on all client services currently provided by Woking Mind, except for the counselling service, from the beginning of August. 6 frontline members of Woking Mind staff will transfer to Catalyst, and it is hoped that many of the volunteers who support the work of Woking Mind will continue to do so through Catalyst.

Catalyst’s aim is to continue to run Woking Mind’s services, from the same locations with the same staff, so that support for clients can be maintained and any impact of the closure of Woking Mind is minimised.

Further details the about the transfer of services will be confirmed in the following weeks.

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