Trustees wanted!

Want to make a difference to people with alcohol, drug and mental health issues by becoming a Trustee of Catalyst?

The Trustee Board is seeking to appoint two new Trustees to support the governance of the charity, Catalyst Support in its work to promote the wellbeing of people in Surrey with alcohol, drug and mental health issues.

We are looking for people with an interest in and empathy with the specialist work of the Charity, bringing to a range of different skills, experiences and perspectives.

Trustees are people who lead the charity, decide how it is run and make decisions that impact on people’s lives, making a difference to their local community and to society as a whole.

  • What skills or experiences are we looking for?
    If you have worked with or alongside the charity sector, in health and social care settings or have experience, either personally or professionally, that has brought you into contact with issues around mental health or alcohol or drug dependency, we are keen to talk to you.

For more detailed information about the role, please look at the website

I’m interested, who do I contact?

Sue Murphy, Chief Executive

Your details and expression of interest will be forwarded to Susan Bowen, the Trustee leading on recruitment to the Board, for an initial telephone discussion. A Role Description will be provided and information on how to apply. Thank you for your interest.

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