Dry January Launches

Why do Dry January?

Feel healthier – alcohol puts strain on our bodies, can disrupt our sleep, have a negative impact on our skin, and cause weight gain. Cutting it out for a month can result in some amazing benefits to health.

Save money – the average person in the UK spends £50,000 on booze over their lifetime. Cutting out alcohol for a month could help you save more than you’d think – no bad thing post-Christmas!

Change your relationship with alcohol – learn the skills you need to say no when you don’t fancy a drink.

Fundraise for us – fundraise during Dry January and raise money for Catalyst, to support us in helping people change. You could donate the money you save from not drinking, or ask your friends and family to sponsor you! If you would like to raise some funds for our charity during Dry January, then please email info@catalystsupport.org.uk for more information.

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