It’s Volunteer Week – and ours are wonderful!

We love our volunteers – and couldn’t do without them.  From running activities at The Welcome Project in Surrey Heath, to offering one off the best second-hand book buying experiences around in Godalming, to providing professional and caring counselling support for people addressing substance use – they help make Catalyst what it is.

We asked some of our volunteers for their thoughts on their role – some surprising responses!

Some speak of an optimistic experience working alongside the clients: “…being part of the clients’ journey of change is rewarding and affirming…..clients constantly remind us of the potential and capability of the human spirit….watching clients discover and embrace their untapped potential is extremely rewarding”.

Others reply with great enthusiasm and gratitude for the back-up from Catalyst: “I feel honoured to be working with such a great organisation who gives so much support to so many individuals. The friendships I have made have been invaluable; I always feel appreciated by the staff and the clients.”

A number of volunteers acknowledge their roles as being well rewarded and fulfilling. The whole experience is described by one person in his third year as a counsellor as being ‘different and refreshing’ when it comes to helping the clients.

These resoundingly positive comments underpin the ethos of Catalyst which has extended and diversified its services in recent years enabling more funding to be sought to continue the essential support across Surrey.

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