Young Adult Safe Haven is closing on 31st March 2024

Young Adult Safe Haven (YASH) in Guildford is closing its doors from 31st March 2024. YASH -a Safe Haven for adults aged 18 to 25 – worked in partnership with Oakleaf to support young adults experiencing mental health crises. With few services existing in our community focusing on the mental health of young people, YASH offered a safe space and qualified support as well as peer support. This was a pilot project of Catalyst Support and Oakleaf enterprise, however despite our best efforts it cannot be sustained further.

In the time that the Safe Haven for Young people was open, hundreds have used the service for mental wellbeing support. Clients have shared that coming to the Safe Haven helped them cope with the crisis and feel better in a situation where other alternatives to address their mental health concerns were not available. We are grateful to our partner Oakleaf for helping us run the service and deliver this much needed support.

Those who relied on Young Adult Safe Haven, from 31st March 2024 will be welcome in the Guildford Safe Haven. Next door to former YASH, the Guildford Safe Haven is open all year round and will welcome anyone without prior appointment from 6pm to 11pm.

We are sorry to see the closure of Young Adult Safe Haven and grateful to our team and partners who have been part of the service and helped support young people in Surrey.

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